Contour Light

The Most Advanced Non-medical, Non-invasive LED Light Body Contouring and Fat Reduction System Available Today!

Look Better, Feel Better!

The Contour Light Program enables you to improve your health by taking inches off of those hard to hit places like your waistline, hips, thighs, arms and chin. The Contour Light Program addresses all the areas of your body that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Up until this technology arrived, if a person wanted to lose fat quickly, their only choice was a strict diet combined with strenuous exercise, which is a time consuming, challenging task for most people and difficult to accomplish, or expensive “invasive” medical procedures.  The Contour Light Program offers simple nutritional suggestions and easy exercise options combined with a 30-minute, relaxing session that accelerates the fat burning capabilities within your body.

In fact, many Contour Light clients lose between 5 to 20 inches in less than a month!

4 Areas of Focus - Safe & Proven State of the Art Technology
100x More Powerful Than Any Other LED Light on the Market!

  1. Effective Fat Reduction
    Our system provides the most effective non-invasive fat reduction on the market. Backed by our BIA Body Composition Analysis!

  2. Toning and Tightening
    The Contour Light system improves collagen and elastic production improving skin tone and tightening. Look more youthful!

  3. Facial Rejuvenation
    The Contour Light Facial Rejuvenation program targets the face and neck areas. Bring back that youthful beautiful look in a few sessions!

  4. Improved Circulation
    Our patented technology improves micro-circulation and helps to support improved Nitric Oxide production for blood vessel health!

How it Works

How does losing 2 to 10 inches while relaxing under warm calming lights for 25 minutes sound?

Non-invasive, LED-based light therapy is the highest in-demand treatment sought out by clients because of the healthy nature of the outcomes. Unlike ultrasound, radio frequency, laser light and freezing, LED-based therapies do not cause cellular damage. Quite the opposite, LED light has been shown to promote a natural response within cells based on the wavelength of the light energy used and the type of cell it reaches.

Both mid-600nm (including 635nm) and infrared (including 880nm) wavelengths have been used in a wide range of therapies that promote some form of healing response.

The Contour Light delivers both mid-600nm and infrared light via high-powered surface mount LEDs that are embedded in a soft and flexible pad. The pads can be easily applied to any area of the body, conforming to the contours of a patient. Because of the Contour Light’s patent-protected reflective coating, the light that would normally bounce off the skin is reflected back, resulting in a much higher retention of light energy than with other similar devices.

No other system has this reflective coating. A Contour Light session lasts 25 minutes with no heat or discomfort, and is safe to operate for both the client and the technician.

Two Powerful & Effective Frequencies

For years we have searched for the most effective and natural solutions for health, wellness and beauty. Light therapy is not new.  It has been used for many ailments ranging from chronic pain to wound healing to hair growth. What is new is the light being used to target fat cells. Once these adipose (fat) cells are exposed to this specific 880 & 635 NM wavelength, 99% of the fat is released from the cells. The result is inches lost and impressive spot reduction anywhere on the body.

​What makes the Contour Light different from all the other system on the market? We have a patented aspect to the pads with a reflective coating.  With this reflective coating, the light is now redirected back to the tissues.  No other device on the market has this capability.  The amount of light energy emitted is now going to be multiplied by our reflective coating, giving you a much better result. We’ve recently added 635nm & 880nm bulbs as well.  No other system on the market today carry both 635 & 880 nm on the same pad.

In our office, we use this advanced technology for fat loss and skin tightening on the body. We also use a Face mask for skin tightening that increases collagen and elastin resulting in youthful looking skin on the face. Our newest updated technology allows us to treat chronic pain with lights 2x’s stronger than ever before.

More on the Contour Light & FAQs

What is Contour Light? It is a light emitting diode (LED) system that delivers red and infrared light. The system is comprised of large, flexible, soft pads that are very similar to a heating-pad. These pads can be placed beneath or on top of the client. What is mid-600nm Technology? The label of mid-600nm refers to the wavelength of light emitted by the LEDs. In clinical studies, it was proven that mid-600nm light initiates a photobiostimulation of fat cells, causing the cell to release its contents, resulting in a deflation, or shrinkage of the cell.

What does a Contour Light session feel like? While the patient is lying on a treatment bed, pads are placed over the area to be addressed. The light will be turned on and the client will feel a slight warming sensation. Most patients can read or use their phone/portable device, or even take a short nap!

What type of results can be expected? The Contour Light program involves multiple sessions in a series, delivered every other day or every 3 days. Patients typically see a noticeable improvement within the first 2 or 3 sessions, sometimes as early as the 1st.

How long will the results last? Results will vary from client to client, primarily due to the commitment by the client to their goals. If a client maintains a healthy lifestyle, including diet and an exercise program, their results can be long term.

Can anyone use Contour Light? A Contour Light session is safe and effective for anyone who does not have a medical condition that reduces their ability to eliminate waste via the liver and kidneys.

Do clients need to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen? The Contour Light system is easy to follow and does not require a strict diet or rigorous exercise. As with any type of weight loss program, diet and exercise will have an effect on the results, specifically if a person does not make an attempt to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A small amount of exercise and a recommended level of water consumption will help with lymphatic stimulation to optimize results. The Contour Light system can help to motivate a person and jumpstart their determination to improve their appearance, making it much easier to attain their goals.

What areas of the body can be addressed? The Contour Light can be used on any part of the body; hips, waist, thighs, back, upper arms and neck.

Will cholesterol and triglyceride levels increase after a treatment? There is no evidence that a mid-600nm session will cause an elevation of triglyceride or cholesterol levels. These sessions are safe.

Will a mid-600nm device work on an obese individual? Clinically obese clients can benefit from a session involving a mid-600nm device. Just as with any other type of client, the improvement in appearance has a motivating effect, enabling the client to apply effort that can provide results in the long term.

Is the Contour Light device safe? Yes. The light emitted by the Contour Light does not generate excessive heat and will not cause a burn. The light is very bright and should not be looked at directly for an extended period of time, but is safer than a laser device that can damage eyes with a slight glance into the beam.

What can a person do to optimize their results? To achieve the best results with the Contour Light program, the client just needs to follow our easy step-by-step process. This program involves a moderate diet, minimal exercise, recommended dietary supplements and reasonable water consumption.

Why should clients avoid alcohol during the Contour Light process? There are three main reasons why alcohol should be avoided while receiving the illumiTone Light sessions.

  1. Alcohol is a diuretic and it is critical that the body stays optimally hydrated throughout the treatment program.
  2. Alcohol is high in calories and directly conflicts with the recommendations of any diet/body modification program.
  3. Third and most important, alcohol is processed by the liver, which directly restricts the body’s ability to process the fat released during the session series. When the liver is occupied by the processing of alcohol, it is less able to process any additional fat or waste.​

Others benefits of our Contour Light :

  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Arthritis Pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
  • Joint pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Hair growth
  • Post-surgical treatments

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