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Personlized Weight Loss Programs Make the Difference

Have you tried every other weight loss program with little or no results? Utilizing proprietary technology, Advanced Health Concepts’ personalized approach to weight loss creates a completely unique protocol based on your specific needs.

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Advanced Health Concepts provides the 24/7 support, 1-on-1 coaching accountability, and the detailed tracking that allows us to guarantee success! Contact us today to find out how you can get started from your home!


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Lost 113 LBS TOTAL

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Why Advanced Health Concepts?

Because it allows you to work smarter NOT harder to more easily reach your Wellness & Weight Loss GOALS! Personalized & customized just for you!
They lost weight with Advanced Health Concepts and you can too!See her story, along with several others who have found health & wellness with Advanced Health Concepts.

Weight Loss at Home

Desire for privacy? Unable to travel to our office? Whether across town or anywhere in Kansas, we provide the same custom weight loss programs, personal coaching and support to ensure long lasting success.

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Contour Light

Powerful LED Red light system provides non-invasive fat reduction, toning and tightening.​

*The AHC 40-day Weight Loss Program consumer guarantee protects you the consumer by making AHC obligated to give you a refund of a pro-rated amount of your program fee proportionate to your weight loss success. The AHC 40-Day Weight Loss Program consists of 6 Phases. AHC provides personal coaching and other resources over a 65-day period of which between 40 to 45 days involve reduced calories (low calorie) and other dietary restrictions. If you have not lost 20 pounds after completing the 40-day reduction phase of the AHC Weight Loss Program, AHC will give you the choice of either continuing your program until you lose at least 20 pounds or you may instead choose to receive a refund for a pro-rated amount of your program fee proportionate to your weight loss success. For example, if you were to lose a maximum of 18 pounds during the Weight Loss Program, you would be entitled to a refund equal to 10% of the purchase price. This consumer guarantee does not apply to the AHC Weight Loss 20-Day Weight Loss Program.